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Share The Love

Live it, Own it, Volunteer, Engage (LOVE)

Erika Halseth
California Coast Classic Rider

We want to encourage you to share the LOVE and help us spread the message of the amazing CCC ride, which has changed the lives of millions of patients, and encourage someone you know to join you for the ride of a lifetime! Remember, anyone can be part of this adventure as a rider OR as a volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to be part of this worthwhile cause and make a difference.


Talk about your CCC experience often. You will find that when you tell someone you spent your weekend training, asking for donations, or simply by sharing a favorite picture or two from your ride along the beautiful California Coast, people will ask questions and want to know more. You will be surprised at the interest you spark and how a friend or family member might want to join you on a future ride.

When we think about the CCC ride, we think about the sights, the sounds, the memories, the friendships, the patients, the selfless volunteers and, of course, the AF staff. This experience has forged a deep and gratifying sense of meaning in our hearts. This is an adventure that no one regrets doing, but many often regret not doing, as it creates stories to be shared with friends and family for years to come. It’s a journey where everyone is welcome and the words “the more the merrier” are embraced with infectious enthusiasm.


Be proud of the difference you make in the lives of patients and the work you put into it! We dedicate a significant amount our personal time and money towards training, fundraising, and doing the actual ride. Harness that energy and excitement and tell the world about it; it’s contagious!

The notion of cycling from San Francisco to L.A. is daunting. People need to be reassured that ANYONE can do it if they really want to, and there’s an entire network to help them do it. From training, to fundraising, to packing lists, and cycling tips and tricks… we’re a helpful bunch and we all want to have fun on the ride, therefore, it’s everyone’s job to make sure everyone else is well taken care of and having a good time. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Help us share the love by volunteering to drop off brochures about the ride at your local bike store, bike club, or local business that you frequent. Share pictures, stories and even links to the CCC AF page on social media.

Think of a favorite moment or memory from your CCC experience. Channel the energy or emotion you felt and then craft and rehearse an elevator pitch for the ride using that moment or those emotions -- What happened? Why did it matter? How did it make YOU feel? Why are you committed to the cause? Your story doesn’t have to be spectacular, but it must be sincere. If you smile and your eyes light up while telling the story, people will believe and will want to experience something similar for themselves.


Be in the know. Keep up with the CCC news on the CCC Facebook page, email communications, and through your team captain. Invite other cyclists to training rides (even if they are not signed up for the CCC). Share updates on patient stories, fun CCC challenges and other team updates with fellow cyclists. Let them know what an amazing cycling community this is to be part of because they or someone they know might join you on your next CCC adventure.

I will say again, your enthusiasm is most convincing and more contagious than you think, and I personally believe that everyone should experience this ride (as either a rider or a volunteer) at least once in their lifetime! Please join us in sharing the L.O.V.E with others so that they too can be part of this experience!

Erika Halseth on behalf of the CCC 21 Rider Engagement Peloton (Committee)