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Gavin Keith Hough
6-time CCC Rider
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Kyle Berg
8-time CCC Rider

“What started out for me as an event challenge from family turned into an annual tradition with those who have become my favorite people! I ride to support and improve the lives of the 300,000 kids who suffer from forms of arthritis."


Raquel Olivo
4-time CCC Rider
“Once my daughter was diagnosed with JIA, I knew I had to do something so I jumped right in. My experience was incredible! From the fellow riders who took me under their wings, the staff, beautiful California scenery and ride support crew, everything was amazing! Staff and riders really took the time to get to know you and your story. Each rider has a different connection to arthritis and as part of this ride, we were riding with a purpose. The connection to this important cause made the journey down the coast much more meaningful.”

Srikanth Madduri
3-time CCC Rider
“We enjoyed the ride, the hospitality and the camaraderie so much. We signed up in 2018 as a personal challenge, but after listening to the honorees and talking to others on the ride, we are convinced that we are in it for a much bigger purpose.”