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E-bike FAQ


  1. Are e-bikes welcome on the CCC? Absolutely! We embrace all riders, but there are definitely some things you should consider when bringing an e-bike on the CCC.
  2. There are several types of e-bikes. What is recommended for the CCC? Is there a type of e-bike that’s not recommended? Since our routes do take us on many bike paths all along the coast, our permits typically only allow for Type 1 Pedal Assist E-Bikes.
  3. Can I ride the CCC with one battery/charge? More likely than not, you will not be able to ride most of our day’s routes on only one battery/charge. We have multiple days that are over 80 miles in length and/or 5,000+ feet in elevation gain. We’ve found that riders need two or even three batteries on these longer days.
  4. If I bring a second battery, do I have to carry it with me during the ride? We have found that it is best for you to carry your own battery. With every battery being different and every rider relying on the batteries at different rates, it is very difficult for us to plan for where you will need to change your battery. To have better control over when and where you can change your own battery, it is recommended that you have a plan to ride with an extra battery on your bike.
  5. My e-bike is not easy to fix a flat tire. Will there be help available to fix it? We have a great SAG crew and mechanics team that can help you fix most flat tires. That said, our vehicles generally only carry tools, tubes, and tires to fix flats on typical road bikes. If you’re bike requires specific tools or an atypical tube size (i.e., fat bikes, mountain bikes, etc.), please plan to carry these with you while you ride. Our crews will still be happy to help you fix the flat if you can provide the tools necessary to do so.
  6. What facilities are available for battery charging? We do have charging stations set up at every camp. Some of these will allow for better access to recharging batteries than others. For example, we have some camps that require us to run our charging station off a generator. When you have 200 cyclists recharging phones, bike computers, and other gear all on one generator, you will find that your battery does not recharge as quickly as it would if it were plugged into your outlet at home. Moreover, some of our campsites do not allow us to run the generators overnight due to noise ordinances. So, depending on how much time it takes to charge your battery to full, we cannot guarantee that our charging stations at camp will be sufficient. If you are staying in one of our host hotels, this will not be an issue.
  7. My e-bike is too heavy to take on a plane. What options do I have to get it to the ride and back home? Even if you’re e-bike isn’t heavy, it still may be restricted to fly on a plane. Since most e-bikes use lithium-ion batteries, e-bikes are usually limited to ground shipping. Also, take into consideration that the weight, size and wiring for e-bikes mean that you will need it to be packed into a sturdier and larger box with more dense padding to withstand the normal rigors of shipping. Most bike shipping companies can help you transport your E-bike, but you will need to plan farther in advance since it will have to go via ground shipping.
  8. If my bike breaks down, will there be mechanics and parts available to fix it? Mechanics, yes! Parts…. That’s a different subject. Our mechanics try to bring as many parts as possible with them to fix most problems we see on tour. However, every bike is unique, and sometimes we need to utilize the help of bike shops on the route. As you are likely aware, there are massive inventory issues for both bikes and bike parts right now. So, if you need a rare or hard to find component, it may be difficult for us to fix it while on route, but we will do our best to find what you need or provide a loaner bike so you can keep pedaling!
  9. If I need to use the sag van are the support vehicles able to carry e-bikes? Yes, most of our vans will have racks that can support e-bikes.
  10. My bike doesn’t have a removable battery pack. Will there be a place I can charge it? As mentioned previously, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get through most days on our tour with just one battery and one charge. For that reason, we do not recommend e-bikes without removable battery packs. However, we also understand that you may not want to purchase a whole new bike to participate. At camp, our charging stations are not always set up near the bike racks. So, we cannot guarantee that your bike will be as securely locked as the rest of the bikes if it needs to be by the charging station overnight. Moreover, as previously mentioned, we have some camps where we must turn off the generator for our charging station by 8pm due to noise ordinances. So, we cannot guarantee a place to fully charge your battery at camp depending on how long it takes to recharge. Most of our hotels will allow you to take your bike into your room, where you can fully charge overnight.