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2022 California Coast Classic Honorees


Day 0 - Livia Telli

Day 1 - Macy Coad

Day 2 - Kayleigh Springer

Day 3 -  In Memory of Thomas Hampe 

Day 4 - Elena Ross-Salonga

Day 5 - Natalie Nicholson

Day 6 - Jeffrey Lo

Day 7 - Volunteer Tribute

Day 8 - Mission Ambassadors


Livia Telli
Youth Honoree

Livia Telli is our Day 0 Honoree as we gather in San Francisco to kick off CCC22, and she sends these words of encouragement to all of the riders: “Let’s do it together!”

Livia’s journey with arthritis began at the age of two, when her family learned she had juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She couldn’t walk due to the stiffness and pain in her knees. At the age of four, Livia also started to experience symptoms from uveitis, an arthritis-related inflammation in the eye. Now 14, Livia’s on a successful treatment regimen that allows her to participate in competitive cheerleading and live the life of an active teenager.

Her father, Matteo, credits the Arthritis Foundation with providing her and her family with a supportive and welcoming community that has given guidance and information on local resources and introduced her to other people who share her experiences. Matteo is riding his eighth CCC this year in support of Livia and the Foundation.


Macy Coad
Youth Honoree

Macy Coad, our Day 1 Honoree in Santa Cruz, sees her arthritis as a blessing that has allowed her to connect with the Arthritis Foundation, and raise more than $200,000 for programs and research.

Macy’s journey with arthritis began when she was 18 months old. Her diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis and later uveitis meant that she missed a lot of school due to flare-ups and treatments that included low-dose chemo, infusions, and various procedures. Macy picked up swimming for physical therapy when she was younger, and now, as a member of a competitive, year-round swim team, she is close to qualifying for her first ever national-level swim meet.

Swimming is Macy’s main outlet for managing stress and a way to exercise without potentially causing more joint damage. Macy also enjoys being an advocate for herself and other people with arthritis, giving speeches, fundraising, and meeting with her state and national legislators at Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summits. She credits the Arthritis Foundation for providing her family a strong support system, resources, and programs, including summer camp.

“I want to tell all of the CCC riders how much it means that they are doing this incredibly long ride in support of the Arthritis Foundation. Just like I didn't let my arthritis get it my way, they shouldn't let anything get in theirs. They’ve got this!”


Kayleigh Springer
Young Adult Honoree

Kayleigh Springer, our Day 2 Honoree in Monterey, is a 19-year-old who doesn’t remember a time in her life without arthritis.

Kayleigh’s journey with arthritis began at the age of 15 months. With medication, she has been able to manage her symptoms and is currently in medical remission. She has found a passion for helping people and the artful science of medicine, and she’s currently studying to be a nurse at Hartnell College.

The Arthritis Foundation has been a touchstone throughout Kayleigh’s life. She’s participated in Camp Milagros and annual JIA conventions, she’s traveled the country visiting Congress and Senators while lobbying to pass bills benefitting people with arthritis, and she’s experienced extraordinary summer vacations meeting others who shared her arthritis experience.

“None of this would be possible without the riders of the CCC helping to fundraise for the arthritis camps and JIA conventions,” she says. “You genuinely do not know how much you have impacted my life and many other children and adults living with Arthritis. Thank you.”


In Memory of Thomas Hampe
Raise Awareness with Friends &
Policy Makers to Keep Us Safe





Elena Ross-Salonga
Adult Honoree

Elena Ross-Salonga, our Day 4 Honoree in Cambria, began her journey with arthritis when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 36 after experiencing excruciating joint pain and swelling.

She says that the mindset shift she’s experienced since her diagnosis is the hardest part of the journey so far. It can be difficult to understand and accept that her body is not going to always do what she wants it to do, and to focus on what she can utilize instead. A foodie and amateur chef who appears on the new Food Network show The Julia Child Challenge, Elena has found remedy in developing a specific anti-inflammatory diet that maintains her balance of health but still allows joy in eating.

The Arthritis Foundation helped Elena realize that there are other people who have arthritis and thrive daily. Their stories, especially the kids and teens that have Juvenile Arthritis, give her hope and inspiration every day to keep finding solutions for herself and to figure out how she can best serve others through fundraising.

“Thank you for taking on this challenge for yourself and in raising an awareness for this disease that I hope one day will have a cure, thanks to your efforts. Keep biking and keep having fun.”


Natalie Nicholson
Adult Honoree

Natalie Nicholson, our Day 5 Honoree in Oceano, is a familiar face to many CCC riders because she’s been on tour as part of the Sentio support crew for the last three years. She joins us this year as a first-time participant.

Natalie’s journey with arthritis began years ago, but she didn’t know it at the time. A runner and active person, she was plagued with chronic pain and injury on the left side of her body. Three years ago, she developed excruciating hip pain and learned that she had advanced stage arthritis. When she was 37, she had her first surgery but it was a failure. Natalie went from being an elite ultra-marathon runner to barely being able to walk. Her heart was broken and her spirits were crushed. But in January of this year, she had a total hip replacement and was walking 90 minutes after surgery - and training for CCC soon thereafter.

Natalie says she’s met some of her closest friends and supporters through the Arthritis Foundation California Coast Classic, and she feels very lucky to have made these connections and created a support system for life. She thanks everyone for riding this year. “You guys are the best!”


Jeffrey Lo
Parent Honoree

Jeffrey Lo, our Day 6 Honoree in Buellton, is a first-time CCC participant riding in honor of his eight-year-old son. He represents the parents whose journey with arthritis begins when their child’s mysterious symptoms coalesce into a diagnosis they never imagined.

Jeff and his wife Cristie received a life-changing call from their son’s daycare when he was two years old: his knee was swollen and he wouldn’t walk. Within the next several months, the family had a series of doctor’s visits and tests that ultimately resulted in a diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Cristie stopped working as a full-time physical therapist so she could care and advocate for their son. The six years since that initial call have been a challenging race to get their son’s symptoms under control, manage against long-term side effects of his medical treatments, and help him lead a “normal” life.

“We had to be our own advocates,” says Jeff. He’s grateful for the medical team that has helped find an effective treatment without severe side effects and to the Arthritis Foundation for its research. He is riding CCC to help other families receive support and advocacy from the Arthritis Foundation when they begin their journeys with juvenile arthritis.


Volunteer Tribute




Mission Ambassadors


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