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Join our team and help conquer arthritis! 

Our Walk to Cure Arthritis team is part of a large arthritis community — united together to help the nearly 60 million Americans, including hundreds of thousands of children, with arthritis live their best lives. This event raises money to advance arthritis treatments find a cure, develop resources, and take action to improve people’s lives.

The year 2023 presented significant challenges for us as a family, prompting us to unite even more tightly. Early in the year, Analisa went from walking to crawling again, leading us on a journey to uncover the reasons behind this sudden change. She was limping and refusing to walk. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis and an autoimmune condition. Over the course of nine months, we attended over 70 medical appointments to secure a diagnosis and access the appropriate medication and treatment for her. Today, she is making remarkable progress. Throughout this journey, we were deeply touched by the compassion shown by our friends, doctors, and the Arthritis Foundation.

So why support us. Analisa shines brightly, bringing immense love into our lives and the world. Despite enduring injections, bloodwork, and countless hours of travel, she continually shows us her strength. With her humor, strong will, affection, and thoughtfulness, she deserves the highest quality care, a life free from pain, and the opportunity to thrive fully and vibrantly. 

Thank you for your support!




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