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Make Your Move & Make an Impact

When you join the movement, you can make a difference today. There are endless current and new opportunities to raise funds or get involved with the Arthritis Foundation. Together with supporters like you, we can continue funding groundbreaking research to find treatments and cures, support kids and adults, and empower individuals in communities across America.

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Camp AcheAway Partner
Helping Kids Say YES! Arthritis Foundation camps are FUN, safe and secure for children and teens with juvenile arthritis and childhood rheumatic diseases. Campers make lifelong friends, gain a greater understanding of their own juvenile arthritis, increase independence and self-confidence, and discover new skills and interests. Our JA camps are medically supervised by health care professionals on site to tend to your child’s needs.

Advance Research Partner
Leading the Way in Science For seven decades, we’ve led the way in funding scientific research to conquer arthritis.

Arthritis Access Awareness Partner
“I don’t know many people with arthritis.” “It’s a disease that affects older people.” “Anyone can live with a little joint pain.” “Are you sure what you’re experiencing isn’t just in your head?” From coast to coast, this is what we hear about arthritis every day. Although more Americans are living with arthritis than those with breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and autism combined, most people know very little about this debilitating disease. In fact, only 7% of Americans realize it’s the No. 1 cause of long-term disability in the United States. The truth is 1 in every 4 people you know is living with arthritis. That means for millions of kids and adults, routine activities like unbuttoning a shirt, opening a jar or getting in and out of the car are a challenge — sometimes physically impossible.

New Fellowship Partner
Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent or minimize the uncontrolled inflammation that can lead to joint damage and even disability. Patients must have access to rheumatologists within recommended timeframes, yet geography affects how quickly a patient can be seen. To close this gap, we are leading the way by expanding the number of fellowship opportunities for rheumatologists, focusing on communities with the most significant shortages. Our patient-centered approach allows doctors to get to know their community and what their patients really need, including Foundation resources that can help them.