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2024 Walk to Cure Arthritis Honorees


Carmen Romano, D.C.
Madison Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center
Corporate Chair

Dr. Carmen Romano is a visionary in the realm of integrative medicine in New Jersey, pioneering a holistic approach to healthcare for more than twenty years. As the founder and driving force behind Madison Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center, he has transformed the landscape of patient care, seamlessly blending disciplines such as Internal and Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Podiatry, Mental Health, and Physical Therapy. This integrative approach ensures a comprehensive, multi-dimensional strategy to health and wellness. More Information


Arik Zaider, MD
Valley Medical Group
Medical Honoree

Dr. Arik Zaider is a rheumatologist at the Valley Medical Group in Ridgewood. He completed his fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery and served as Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Buffalo before starting at Prospect Medical Offices in New Jersey. In 2015, he joined the Valley Health System and is currently Chief of the Rheumatology Division. Dr. Zaider believes in treating the whole patient, considering all physical and emotional concerns, and emphasizing good communication. Dr. Zaider serves as current President of the New Jersey Rheumatism Association and is honored to work with the Arthritis Foundation. Learn more about Dr. Zaider.


Ellis Hamabuchi
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Young Adult Honoree

After months of visiting doctors and unexplained pain, Ellis was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 9. Ellis experienced a significant change in lifestyle - going from an active child who danced, took karate classes, and played sports, to being carried into the hospital for doctor visits.

Thanks to the doctors at Hackensack University Medical Center and the Arthritis Foundation’s efforts towards research and finding a cure, Ellis is now a 24 year old CPA with an active lifestyle. She is proud and honored to be the Young Adult Honoree for this year’s Walk to Cure Arthritis.


Asad Khan
Juvenile Spondyloarthritis
Teen Honoree

Asad is a 17-year-old high school senior. He lives in New Jersey with his parents, sisters, and three cats. Asad was diagnosed with juvenile spondyloarthritis at the age of 9 and has been receiving treatment under the care of his rheumatologist. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to be featured in two podcasts, participate in multiple studies, and share his story in the Spondylitis Plus magazine. An aspiring physician, Asad hopes to contribute to medical research and advocacy, aiming to improve the lives of others with similar health journeys.


Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Youth Honoree

At 2.5 years old, Olivia’s family noticed her knee was swollen. Confused and anxious, they took her to the pediatrician, and then the rheumatologist. Olivia’s swollen knee was the first sign of JIA, which ultimately left Olivia unable to walk on her own without pain. Eventually, they found a regimen of medication and physical therapy that worked for Olivia. Three years later, Olivia is thriving! Her family is grateful for the Arthritis Foundation, which helps Olivia receive the best treatment for her JIA. Olivia continues to amaze her family with her strength, bravery, and courage. She is the ultimate rockstar!