2023 Oktoberfest Ride for Arthritis Honorees


Raj Chakravarty, M.D.
Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin
Medical Honoree

Dr. Chakravarty obtained his Biomedical Engineering degree from UW Madison. He realized the profound impact this field can have, particularly in hip and knee procedures. This interest motivated him to pursue orthopedic surgery residency after medical school followed by obtaining a fellowship specializing in total hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Dr. Chakravarty has a patient centric approach to caring for his patients and strives to identify the best course of action for them with the goal to alleviate their pain and have them return to their normal lives.

When not taking care of patients, Dr. Chakravarty enjoys spending time with his wife and children, traveling and frequenting restaurants throughout Madison.


John Mathews
Adult Honoree

63-year-old Madison resident, John Mathews suffered significant damage to his joints from over 30 years of landscaping work. He recently had total knee replacement surgery on his left knee by Dr. Raj Chakravarty Orthopedic & Spine Centers of Wisconsin (this year's Oktoberfest Ride for Arthritis Medical Honoree) and now has great movement in BOTH knees and is back to landscaping and enjoying living his YES!


Renata Nguyen
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Twelve-year-old, Monona, WI resident, Renata Nguyen was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at fourteen months old. She is currently an active 12-year-old who participates in gymnastics and volleyball. She also loves makeup, fashion trends, shopping, and Taylor Swift. The Arthritis Foundation has helped her in her arthritis journey by hosting fun activities for kids with JA and providing a place where everyone knows what it’s like to have arthritis—especially Camp M.A.S.H.!