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ACE: Arthritis Challenge Experience


We know cyclists and sports-minded individuals have a passion to support the Arthritis Foundation, even if they can't join us on the California coast in September.

If you can't join the in-person CCC Tour, play the ACE up your sleeve!

  • Register and choose the ACE option.
  • Pay a registration fee of $39 to become an ACE and score your 2023 Official Tee.
  • Choose your adventure: bike, run, walk, climb, golf, anything goes!
  • Connect with a vibrant community via ACE social hours, digital channels, training challenges, and join CCC Camp Livestreams!
  • As an ACE you are not required to fundraise, but you can earn gear and recognition on the CCC leaderboard.

Once you are an ACE, you choose how you want to participate. You can bike, run, walk, climb, golf or whatever you can think of.

Each of you has an “ACE up your sleeve” for what you enjoy doing. You can use that ACE to participate, have fun and connect to the CCC community of Champions. Join today!