2021 Jingle Bell Run Honorees



Bobby Depriest, PharmD MBA
Corporate Honoree

 Bobby DePriest has been a Pharmacist and Regional Director for Walgreens for 15 years. Bobby received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Butler University and his MBA from Louisiana State University. Bobby’s passion for caring for Arthritis patients is founded in a family connection. He has dedicated his career to helping patients with arthritic conditions to overcome barriers to pharmacy care, so they can live more joyful lives through better health. Support Bobby on his personal fundraising page.


Natalie Maclean, MD
Medical Honoree

Rheumatology is complex, and no one test can diagnose a Rheumatologic condition. To provide good care, patients must be seen, heard and really understood. Taking time to appreciate your needs to form trusting, lasting relationships is the heart of Rheumatology. The best reward is to provide meaningful, day-to-day improvements in function to help my patients live well. What gets her up in the morning aside from her four children? She is energetic and need to be active, from the gym to the yoga mat to the great outdoors. She has a strong sense of community and service to others. Support Natalie on her personal fundraising page.


Marc Robinson, MD
EVERCORE Physical Therapy + Performance Medical Honoree

Dr. Marc Robinson is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist with a clinical doctorate in physical therapy. He spends his time helping people at Sharp Hospital in San Diego and training private clients at his clinic. His approach focuses on developing personalized strength training programs that can be adapted for rehabilitation, personal training, and reducing injury risk to promote a lifetime of better joint health.

He also manages multiple online support groups for different injuries through his online companies Evercore and Active Atoms. Through these companies, he can provide innovative rehab tools and nutritional support to address the whole person.  


Rosa Garrett
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Honoree

 When you look at Rosa Garrett, you wouldn’t suspect she has rheumatoid arthritis. After all, the mother of two is an avid runner, eats a healthful diet, and maintains her health by living an active lifestyle outdoors in the Southern California sunshine. But roughly four years ago, Rosa says she started having on-again, off-again episodes of severe pain in her hands, arms, and shoulders. Although she would now have to navigate a new lifestyle that includes taking extra good care of herself and her joints, she felt relieved to know her ailments and condition could be treated. Support Rosa on her personal fundraising page.