Prior to Race Weekend: 

  1. The 2020 Virtual Jingle Bell Run is using the RunGo app to provide the best race experience possible. Download the RunGo app on Android or iPhone.
  1. In the RunGo app, click “Find your route”. In the search box, type the name of your local race or use the Virtual 2020 Arthritis Foundation National Jingle Bell Run. Click on your race. 

Race Weekend: 

  1. Start your route: Make sure the name starts with 2020 Arthritis Foundation {your city or state name} Virtual Jingle Bell Run. Select Virtual, Indoor or Start button based on how and where you plan to participate. 

Helpful Hints:
- Arthritis Friendly:  All race routes allow you to pause to take a break or complete your race route over the course of time. 
- Outdoor users:  Make sure your GPS is tracking your movements to the race route.
- Treadmill Users:  Attach your phone to your waist so the GPS will track to the route
- Bike Users:  Attach your phone to your ankle so the GPS will track to the route 

  1. Complete your route and click STOP. 
  2. Submit your time:  
    - Select “share your run – submit to your virtual race” and select your race name. Pick the same Jingle Bell Run race you selected for your route. Note, if you ran your own virtual route on RunGo, during this step you will need to select one of the official Jingle Bell Run routes to have your timing added to the leader board.
    - You will have to enter a few race submission details (name, gender, 1 of 3 validating questions).  
    - Click Submit my Run. 
  3. Celebrate! Great job completing your run. Check your local Jingle Bell Run website for leaderboards. 


World Record FAQs:

Can I run on Friday, December 11th and still be a part of the World Record? 
Only those runs that happen between noon EST on Saturday, December 12th and noon EST on Sunday, December 13th will count towards the World Record. 

What if I run but don’t use the RunGo timing app?  Will my run still count towards the record? 
Unfortunately, no. The only way to be a part of the World Record is to track and upload your run using the RunGo app. 

Can I bike to be a part of the record?   
Yes!  If you are biking, just wear your phone on your ankle for GPS tracking. 

Can I take a break during my run or walk? 
Yes, RunGo makes all participation arthritis friendly. Start and stop as often as you want. 

Can I invite my friends and family to help us break the record? 
Of course! Participants can register at and then run between noon EST on Saturday, December 12th and noon EST on Sunday, December 13th

Can two people use RunGo on the same phone? 
Yes, as long as each person has a separate RunGo account and is logged into that account. 

Do I have to run the designated route on RunGo?  
You can run any of the Jingle Bell Run routes from the RunGo app, but we encourage you to run the one that was selected for your event.  

Can I run on a treadmill and still be a part of the record?  
Yes! Choose Virtual Treadmill or Virtual Outdoor Mode once you’ve selected the route. Just make sure to wear your phone or smart watch with the route on your arm, in your hand or pocket.