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Please help me fight Arthritis  

This year I was asked to be the adult honoree of the Walk.  I am so humbled and excited to do this.  I have really enjoyed being a part of the walk all of these years and helping spread awareness and educate people about arthritis.

I joined the fight to help people with arthritis when Sarah was diagnosed with RA when she was barely 6 years old.  She has continued her battle with this awful disease for the last fifteen years and it is something she will deal with the rest of her life.  

Since she was diagnosed, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis five years ago, my husband Dan was diagnosed with RA several years ago, and I was just diagnosed with RA as well. More and more I find people I know diagnosed with different forms of arthritis.  

None of us are willing to give up the things we want to do because of this disease, facing pain daily, even with prescription medications.  

There is no cure for Arthritis. That's why we walk.  We need to raise money to keep researching to find a cure.    

Please donate to help me reach my fundraising goal. And hopefully together, we’ll conquer arthritis.


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