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2021 Walk to Cure Arthritis Veteran Honoree
Farron Dozier, SFC, Retired US ARMY 

An Army veteran, Farron experienced Exertional Sickling with Rhabdomyolysis and was medically retired due to arthritis, musculoskeletal issues and severe joint pain and fatigue. Since being medically discharged in 2013, Farron has made it his mission to advocate for sickle cell and arthritis. Using his broadcasting platform, he helps increase education and raise awareness for SCT, arthritis, lupus, and other conditions.


  • *Veteran of the Year 2018 (Fontana,CA) 
  • *Sickle Cell Trait Advocate 
  • *Arthritis Advocate 
  • *Rhabdomyolysis Advocate
  • *Veteran Suicide Awareness
  • *Landmark Graduate 
  • *Youth Mentorship 
  • *Radio/TV Broadcasting Graduate 2015 & 2018
  • (Only Student to Achieve over 90 in both Courses in Academics  Attendance since the School Started in 1983)
  • *Owner of Oxnard Orcas ABA 
  • *11yrs Internet Radio/Internet TV Host
  • *Inspirational Read Life of a 5yr Old “The Perception of My Father”. 
  • *Inspirational Read  Life of a 8yr Old “The Latchkey Kid of 1978”. 
  • *Father and Grandpa 
  • *Female Boxer Owner 13 Human years (91yrs old)

Please support Farron and help Arthritis Warriors everywhere!

Arthritis Warriors bravely face the pain, limitations and challenges the disease causes. Challenges like getting correctly diagnosed, endless doctor’s visits and treatments, insurance hurdles, missing school or work, struggling with everyday tasks, giving up favorite hobbies or activities. 

We Walk to Cure Arthritis to improve the lives of Arthritis Warriors everywhere. At this incredible event, we come out as a community to turn No into Yes. We blaze new trails to a lifetime of Yes — while raising funds for resources and research to find better treatments and a cure. Walk to Cure Arthritis is incredibly FUN, too! 

Please donate to help us reach our fundraising goals. You’ll also be helping fuel the Live Yes! Arthritis Network and expand our movement. Together, we’ll conquer arthritis for good. 


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