Please help me and Arthritis Warriors everywhere! 

There's no denying it - the world around us has changed over the past few months - it's almost unrecognizable.  We're all thinking about the COVID-19 crisis, worried about how many more will be affected, fearing the ways it will impact us - financially, socially, medically.

While the world is focused on this pandemic, Arthritis Warriors carry on.  We still have the pain, fatigue, and other limitations we've always had, but now we have new challenges: 

- compromised immune systems make us more susceptible to the virus, and less able to fight it
- medications we need to treat our disease are being held back for coronavirus trials
- many non-COVID medical appointments and procedures have been put on hold, leaving symptoms and complications unaddressed

Yet through it all, the Arthritis Foundation is there for us, supporting us, and advocating on our behalf.  While we can't get together in person this year, we're looking forward to the the Virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis on Saturday, May 16th.  It's our chance to join together from a distance, to raise awareness, to honor the 54 million Americans living with some form of arthritis.

Please join us in the AF 54 for 54 challenge!

✔️ GIVE $54 to support research, education, advocacy, and programs for arthritis warriors
✔️ TELL 54 people about the event & invite them to join our team (hey, a girl can dream 😘)  
✔️ MOVE 54 minutes, 54 seconds, 54 laps, 54 steps ... (you get the idea)
✔️ Take 54 seconds to ask your senators & representatives to fully fund the CDC Arthritis Program at $54 million
✔️ Come up with your own idea & let me know what you did!

Anything you can do to support the Arthritis Foundation's mission would be greatly appreciated.

Be well,