Thank You to Our Champion Club Members

A Champion Club Member is any walker who individually raises $1,000 or more! Every Friday we will update this page and recognize those that have become new Champion Club members. Congratulations!

 Name Amount Raised
Maddie Cutie $7,404.21
Anna Legassie $5,086.70
Annierose Klingbeil $4,450
Brian York $2,935
Bradley Newell $2,720
Kelby Peachey $2,113
Melissa Mastrolia $1,845
Elise Sargent $1,580
Shannon Sabbagh $1,500
Mary Lewek $1,475
Kate Michell $1,336
Marcy Bolster $1,200
Liz Frank $1,190
Carol Gauthier $1,130
John Harris $1,100
Prue Correia $1,065
Olivia Contrada $1,000

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