Tami Breitner
Owner, The Cryo House
Corporate Chair

Tami Breitner’s world was turned upside down more than two years ago when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis shortly after fighting Parvovirus B19.  A young mother of two, Tami’s level of pain in the beginning was incredible. “I had severe joint pain to the point I could not use my hands, I could barely dress myself and I had trouble standing up straight,” says Tami.  “Much less take care of my two babies at home.” 

At the end of her rope and desperate for a change in how she was feeling, Tami knew she needed to search for a better way to control her symptoms.  That search led her to the discovery of cryotherapy and luckily, it has helped her regain control of her body and better manage her arthritis. Cryotherapy was so beneficial to Tami in the management of her arthritis, that she wanted to share that knowledge with others and two years ago, she opened The Cryo House in Lexington, KY where she and her team help people living with arthritis of any kind, athletes and many other individuals who deal with pain in their lives.

Tami is excited to serve as this year’s Corporate Chair for the Lexington Walk to Cure Arthritis and hopes you will follow her at this year’s walk to better the lives of everyone living with arthritis.  Join Tami on walk day as we walk to CURE arthritis!

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Green Huber
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Green Huber was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) when he was just 2 years old.  After years of various medications to manage his arthritis, Green and his doctor finally found the right  treatment and Green now feels like a 10-year-old boy is  supposed to feel. He can run and play. He goes to school, plays baseball, swims, and does anything that other kids can do.  While the daily reminders and regular doctor’s appointments can be a great challenge, Green stays positive and continues to live his best life.

Green is excited to serve as the Youth Warrior at this year’s      Lexington Walk to Cure Arthritis. “I want other kids living with   arthritis to know that JIA isn’t something to be afraid of and it is manageable,” says Green. “Together, we are stronger.”

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Olivia Young
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Young Adult Honoree

Olivia Young spent the first 17 years of her life doing all of the things you would expect from a young vibrant girl. She was an athlete and student. Her days were full of family, friends, physical activities and school. And then one day she woke up and her knee was the size of a balloon, and all of her plans and future changed. A diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis was extremely difficult for Olivia and her family to process. As Olivia’s world began to change, she began the fight of her life.

After a couple of years of endless doctor’s appointments, shots, physical limitations and different treatments, Olivia and her doctor finally found what worked for her. “Although I still have some bad days, I am no longer hurting like I was and am now starting to do the things I used to love to do.” says Olivia.

Olivia is excited to be the Young Adult Warrior for this year’s Lexington Walk and hopes to educate those who are unaware about the realities of living with arthritis while inspiring those affected out there who are going through the same fight.

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Jane Schneck
Rheumatoid ARthritis, osteoarthritis & Degenerative Disc Disease
Adult Honoree

A dancer since the age of 7, Jane Schenck was used to aches and pains in her feet. But at 52 years old, she suddenly started experiencing new pain and knew something was wrong. After a few visits to the doctor, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Eventually Jane would be diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease alongside her rheumatoid arthritis. Her journey with arthritis would include many doctor’s appointments, various and constant         medications and two spinal fusions, a knee replacement, a shoulder        replacement and more surgery on the horizon. “It's not been an easy      journey,” says Jane. “Having arthritis means that I've had to curtail my      career as a dance teacher, a passion that started at age eighteen. I sure miss those care-free, pain-free years.”

Now 67 years young, Jane is excited to serve as the Adult Warrior for the Lexington Walk to Cure Arthritis. “I want to raise awareness and funds for this incredibly important and often overlooked cause,” says Jane. “You should say yes, too, because the more people we can recruit, the more money we can raise for research and better treatments. The more awareness we create, the more hope there is that one day we can find a cure!”

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Andrew & Penny Chelf
Canine Honorees






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