Hi Everyone! Its that time of year again!!! It's our 5th Anniversary and what makes it really special Bella has been asked to be this year’s Youth Honoree!  We are beyond excited and honored.  She will be one of the faces of the walk and it is her job to continue to raise money and bring awareness to JIA.  We know the time of year is busy but would really love to see you there!  It is at the Pavilion next to Turtle Back Zoo this year, it’s a beautiful area.  This past year has been great.  Bella has been pain free (minus a day here and there) Her knees swelled over the year and with a slight medication increase, she has been back to normal.  She has even started competition dance.  We are very excited for what this year will bring.  Over the past 4 years we raised almost $20,000 and we would love to raise a total of $5000 this year!!! We continue to fight because while we have been lucky others in Bella's situation have not! We would also love to see Bella healthy and strong without these shots weekly, so we are still striving for a cure. Your support in the past has been nothing short of amazing and we are eternally grateful! We would love for you to join us this year and donate if you can. 



P.S.  You can also see my journey on YouTube!  https://youtu.be/lHvvKj5zYF8


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