This is Isabelle—we call her Izzy. Izzy began complaining of her legs hurting every morning and wanting to be carried in October 2019 just after she turned three years old. One morning, she couldn’t get out of bed because the pain was so bad. Suddenly she had to be carried everywhere and couldn’t bear weight on her legs for at least an hour after waking up. She would cry and cry. It was horrible, and suddenly it was our daily norm. After lots of blood work, X-rays and ultrasounds, we landed at the wonderful Rheumatology Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with Oligoarthritis, a form of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), in both knees and one ankle. Izzy immediately began oral medications and had steroid injections in all three joints in early December 2019.

Izzy is doing much better now! She takes Methotrexate injections weekly and Humira injections every other week. Shot day is never fun, but we tell Izzy every day that she is "brave and strong" because it’s the truth! You would NEVER guess she's gone through so much by watching her swim,  run, play soccer, keep up with the other kids at preschool, and chase her three older siblings!

Izzy sees Dr. Oberle, our Rheumatologist, every few months, Dr. Rogers, our ophthalmologist every three months and gets regular blood work to be sure that her arthritis is stable.

Izzy has a huge Jingle Bell Run team called Izzy's Entourage and this will be our 3rd year participating. So many people that love her come out to support her and the Arthritis Foundation! Please join us this year for the Columbus Jingle Bell Run 2021. Izzy's Entourage will be there!



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