If you know Stella she is a fighter.  She is a fighter and she has Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was diagnosed a little more than a year ago now and has been through so much. She has been through minor procedures and also received a port to get her bi- weekly infusions through. Stella and I have laughed and cried together, cramped in a hospital bed more times than we can count. She could use your help this time of year. She and the entire Mordini family want you to walk with us and help raise money to try and cure SJRA.  If we can’t cure it let’s at least raise money to make life a little better. Thank you for your support and love.  We hope to see you there. 

Everyone knows someone with arthritis. It affects more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children. People with arthritis are warriors - they face relentless pain, a frustrating search for a diagnosis, multiple doctor’s visits and treatment, missed work and school, limited mobility, a maze of medical and insurance paperwork, and the desire to live a full life without the limitations that arthritis creates.

The Walk to Cure Arthritis is the largest gathering of the arthritis community in the world, raising funds for research, resources, better treatments and a cure.  More than just a walk event, it’s something even bigger than arthritis itself.  I have joined the movement to improve the lives of arthritis warriors, will you be the ONE to step up and help me?

Whether you’re an arthritis warrior yourself or care about someone who is, sign up and WALK to CURE Arthritis.



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