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People with arthritis are warriors, boldly facing the pain, limitations and challenges the disease causes. They face challenges like getting properly diagnosed, multiple doctor’s visits and treatments, a maze of insurance procedures, missing school or work, being unable to perform normal, everyday tasks or enjoy favorite hobbies and activities. 

I'm honored to have seen their challenges first-hand as a provider caring for many patients over my career. My wife also has an autoimmune arthritis, making me even more keenly aware of the challenges. It is a privilege to be able to participate in this event in honor of them!

I ride to cure arthritis and to improve the lives of these arthritis warriors. This incredible event is the largest gathering of the arthritis community in the world, raising funds for resources and research, to find better treatments and a cure.

Please donate to help me reach my fundraising goal and help the Arthritis Foundation conquer arthritis once and for all.


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