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2023 Walk to Cure Arthritis Honorees


John P. Donohue, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Weston
Medical Honoree

John P. Donohue, MD, is a board-certified rheumatologist at Cleveland Clinic in Florida who specializes in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, spondylitis, osteoarthritis and connective tissue disorders.

Dr. Donohue was previously the clinical director of musculoskeletal medicine, staff rheumatologist and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Mass.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, Penn., and his medical degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He completed his internal medicine residency at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, N.Y., and his rheumatology fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Donohue is proud to serve as the Medical Honoree for the Walk to Cure Arthritis South Florida.


The Chong Family
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Family Honoree

At one-year-old Jace went from being a running, energetic toddler, to not being able to walk. He was diagnosed with polyarticular juvenile arthritis (JIA) and immediately started steroid injections and weekly shots at home. He’s now 3 and doing well, despite ongoing doctor’s visits and still receiving weekly injections.

Jace’s dad was diagnosed at age 21 with psoriatic arthritis. He has bi-weekly injections at home and deals with swelling and joint pain. Jace’s grandmother was also diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at the age of 7. Her mother and even Jace’s great-great-grandmother also suffer with arthritis.

The family says it’s been heartbreaking to watch a toddler go through this, but are “able to manage with the help of the Arthritis Foundation community.” They share, “We hate that we and anyone has to suffer with this ugly, silent disease and will always continue to Walk to Cure Arthritis!”

Join or support the Chong Family and team, Jace's Crew on their team page.


Ellen Cantor
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Honoree

Ellen’s journey with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was a challenging one. After years of pain and multiple knee surgeries, she was diagnosed with RA in 2011. However, the diagnosis didn't make her journey any easier. She still had to manage her condition and deal with the physical and emotional toll it took on her life.

Fortunately, her doctor gave her a brochure for the Arthritis Foundation. After reading it, she started attending some of the events. This led her to join a Connect Group, where she met others going through similar experiences. Meeting people who understood her struggles was a game-changer for Ellen. The Arthritis Foundation helped her realize she were not alone in this fight.

Join or support Ellen and Ellen's Live Yes! Connect Team on their team page.


Amelia O'Connell
Juvenile Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Amelia was diagnosed right before her 6th birthday. She could not walk in the mornings and had to be carried out of bed. The welcome pack she received from the Arthritis Foundation was so special to her, and the online community has helped her parents tremendously with all of the knowledge and resources available.

Amelia has always put on a brave face throughout her journey, except maybe shot days. Despite the pain and frequent swelling of her joints she has stayed incredibly active. She is such an inspiration to everyone around her. She is enjoys dance and theater 5 days a week, loves Jesus, her friends, and family.

Join or support Amelia and her team, Mimi's Strong Sharks, on her team page.


Linda Hope Rosen
Juvenile, Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis
Legacy Honoree

In Memory of Linda Hope Rosen March 7, 1948 - March 21, 2023

Linda lived most of her life with arthritis, after being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis as a child. She was later diagnosed with osteoarthritis and immunodeficiency disorder as well as severe rheumatoid arthritis that often impacted her mobility. Despite her medical diagnoses, she continued to work and care for others, and lived with an Arthritis WARRIOR's spirit!

Her family is raising funds in her honor to help the arthritis community and are committed to conquering arthritis for the nearly 60 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who live with this debilitating disease's daily pain and challenges.

Linda is the Legacy Honoree of the Walk to Cure Arthritis South Florida this year. Support her team.