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2023 Walk to Cure Arthritis Honorees


James E. Holtzclaw, M.D.
General Orthopaedics
Medical Honoree

James E Holtzclaw, M.D., began his private practice in Savannah, Georgia, following his fellowships abroad. He maintains a strong interest in minimally invasive anterior approaches to hip replacement and complex hip fractures and reconstruction. He also is deeply interested in joint replacement surgery, including hip and knee replacements, as well as revision procedures. He continues to treat all general orthopaedic problems, and a significant portion of his practice involves outpatient procedures such as arthroscopy.


Sam Carter
Adult Honoree

Sam Carter, Director of Fitness and head strength and conditioning coach has been at Savannah College of Art and Design since 2001. He oversees all the fitness programs for the student-body and all the training for the artist-athletes at SCAD.

Carter graduated from Savannah State University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1996. He is also a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is certified through the NSCA as a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is also certified as a personal trainer through ACE and a Marine.


Addonda Hudson
Adult Honoree

Addonda Hudson is 66 years young and a retiree from Gulfstream Aerospace who suffers from osteoarthritis in her lower right back and right knee from a broken back resulting from a fall down her front steps in 2006.

Addonda has a 31-year-old daughter that has Cerebral Palsy who requires 24-7 hands on care. This has a tremendous effect on overusing her hands. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2019, after a 6-month treatment of medications and God's grace Addonda has been off meds for 3 years but still has pain.

Addonda has many friends and family members who suffer from some type of arthritis. Prayerfully, better medications and treatments will be available soon for this painful and debilitating disease. 

Support Addonda and team, Go Getters on their team page.


Sammy Mendez
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Teen Honoree

Sammy Mendez was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) at the end of fifth grade. He was missed diagnosed for almost five years and his parents tried everything to find out why their son was in so much pain. Sammy struggled to walk, missed out at school and it was difficult for him to play his favorite sport soccer.

Once Sammy was properly diagnosed with JIA he could start treatment and be like all the other kids. Sammy is now 16 years old and keeps himself busy with school and does many sports such as tennis, track, cross country, and soccer. Sammy is thankful for his parents support which helped him throughout all those painful years.

Join or support Sammy on his personal fundraising page.