2022 Jingle Bell Run Honorees


Darci Edwards
Military Veteran Honoree

For Darci, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what initiated her battle with arthritis. As a classically trained ballerina, Darci was accustomed to rigorous conditioning and pushing herself to the limits physically. Throughout many years of training and performing, she hadn’t experienced much more than fatigued muscles and bouts with tendonitis. Much older than most of her fellow soldiers, at 25, Darci enlisted in the U.S. Army and was invited to serve as a paratrooper, as a result her superior physical fitness scores. It was at this moment that she first realized that a woman could BE a paratrooper. Read More

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Walter Leroy Jenkins
Pet Honoree

Approximately four years ago, Walter was listed on the Franklin County Dog Shelter's "Rescue Only" list.  He had been surrendered to the shelter by someone who said that he was a stray but knew his birthday and his whole history. He had less than 8 hours before he was going to be euthanized because he had been deemed "unadoptable."  With the help of Colony Cats and Dogs, he was pulled that day.  When he was brought out to his new owner, he was skinny and flea-bitten with one single tooth, but he was so sweet and wiggly. His new owner took him home, introduced him to the pack, and he promptly walked right off the back porch. Read More

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Service Animal Honoree

Hazel came to Stockhands Horses for Healing in January of 2022 during a snowstorm. She was purchased from a rescue out of Virginia with funds donated by our amazing volunteers. We learned Hazel originally came from a farm where she was used as a general work horse. Right away Hazel fit in great, making new friends with both her equine and human partners.

She is a little more “slow then go” these days, given her past work history. Unfortunately, Hazel has started to show signs of mild arthritis due to the years of hard work. This hasn't kept her from living her “Yes”, as the Arthritis Foundation would say. She has the perfect attitude to work with those who need a little extra assistance. Read More

To join or support Hazel and team, Pets Who Jingle, visit she team fundraising page.