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2022 Walk to Cure Arthritis Honorees


Aiden Nicholson
Pauciarticular & Psoriatic
Juvenile Arthritis
Child Honoree

Aiden is a true definition of a warrior. Aiden was diagnosed with pauciarticular and psoriatic juvenile arthritis at the age of five. Now 12, he’s learned to manage his pain making him able to participate in his favorite sports, including baseball, football, and soccer.

Aiden is honored to be representing all JA Warriors because the Arthritis Foundation has done so much for him and his family. After attending past JA conferences, Aiden and his family made lifelong friendships with others living with arthritis. Aiden believes the Arthritis Foundation will one day find a cure for arthritis.

He encourages everyone to donate to his team, Aidens AllStars, through his personal fundraising page.


Dog Honoree

Otis is the most adorable dog, and best friend to his most handsome brother, Henry. Otis spent years keeping intruders (the squirrels and cats) out and chasing bunnies and birds. Otis now suffers from a form of joint pain and has difficulty moving so he prefers to stay inside & monitor the yard from his bed, or the couch. He still loves short walks and takes some glucosamine and NSAIDs to help him stay as active as possible.

Otis encourages everyone to join him at the Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Join or support Otis on his fundraising page.