2021 Jingle Bell Run Honorees


Alexandra Theisen, MD
Riley Rheumatology
Medical Honoree

Alexandra Theisen, MD is a standout Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. She chose Pediatric Rheumatology because she loves the opportunity to follow patients long-term for a chronic disease that in general has a good outcome with treatment. She also likes that she can get to know families on a personal level over time. Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys running and takes part in at least one half-marathon a year. She also enjoys eating out with her husband, traveling, and taking care of her fur babies. Support Dr. Theisen on her personal fundraising page.


Jolene Adams
IVX Health
Corporate Chair

Jolene has been an RN for 25+ years and worked in healthcare for over 30. Arthritis has impacted her life personally and professionally. She was diagnosed with early onset Osteoarthritis, and then a few years later with Lyme Arthritis. Professionally, Jolene witnesses firsthand the struggles of arthritis patients who come for treatment at IVX Health.

Inspired by the critical support the Arthritis Foundation provides, Jolene is a big supporter and is excited to be selected as the Corporate Chair for the Jingle Bell Run. She looks forward to helping raise funds for this valuable cause. Support Jolene on her personal fundraising page.  


Jeff Hughes
Ankylosing Spondylosis
Community Champion Honoree

Diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at 13, Jeff’s arthritic journey transformed into a positive, life-changing experience due to his involvement with the Arthritis Foundation. At 18, Jeff served as a counselor for the inaugural year of San Diego’s Juvenile Arthritis Camp. For 11 years, he volunteered in various roles, including multiple years as the Camp Director. The stories, lessons and inspiration of those juvenile warriors still resonates with him today and fueled his passion to get back involved with the Arthritis Foundation. Jeff is humbled and proud to be a part of this community’s fight against the scourge of Arthritis. Support Jeff and his team, Silent Knights on their team fundraising page.  


Anne Bowen
Juvenile Arthritis
Adult Honoree

Anne was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at 16 years old when her family noticed limitations opening her mouth and swelling in her left knee. For many years, arthritis affected Anne in tremendous ways but today she has made great strides and leads an active lifestyle as a student at Indiana State University. Anne is incredibly grateful for her wonderful team at Riley and IU Health and is humbled to be the 2021 Jingle Bell Run Adult Honoree. She is thrilled to be part of this community, which supports, encourages, and raises funds for our arthritis warriors to thrive!  Support Anne on her personal fundraising page.  


Marin Manning
Juvenile Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Marin was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at 2 years old when her family noticed swelling in her left knee. For many years, arthritis only affected her knee, however, at the age of 12 it spread to other joints. Marin is 16 years old and has lived with arthritis for the majority of her life, yet she has never let it get in her way. She is endlessly excited to be the 2021 Jingle Bell Run Youth Honoree. Marin is honored to be part of this wonderful organization that works incredibly hard to advocate for those with arthritis. Support Marin on her personal fundraising page.