2021 Jingle Bell Run Honorees



Kirsten Conrad
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Adult Honoree

Kirsten Conrad of Shawnee was 27 when she felt a shooting pain surge down her back. Her family has a history of ankylosing spondylitis – a type of arthritis in the spine that causes inflammation and pain in the vertebrae - and, eventually, she was diagnosed with it, too. Now 34, Kirsten looks at her diagnosis as a speed bump rather than a stop sign. “It may have slowed me down,” she says, “but I push to keep going harder than ever!” Kirsten maintains an active lifestyle and has even completed two ½ marathons since her diagnosis. “There is so much still to learn about arthritis,” she says. “We need to help the public understand that this disease affects all ages and backgrounds.” Support Kirsten and her team on her team fundraising page.   


Jett Shane
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Child Honoree

Jett Shane of Richmond, MO, was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at age 4. He’s now 10, an Arthritis Foundation veteran, and a true JA warrior! Despite dealing with daily medications, weekly injections and regular bouts with pain, he embraces life with his infectious smile and non-stop enthusiasm. With Jett as their inspiration, Jett’s army of supporters – appropriate called Jett’s Army – hopes to raise $20,000 for this year’s Jingle Bell Run! Support Jett and his team on his team fundraising page.