Frequently Asked Questions

About The Remote Ride X CCC Challenge

Are programs and services still being provided to the arthritis community?
Demand for Arthritis Foundation services has never been greater as many patients are in the high risk population most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. Calls to our Helpline increased 70% amidst the crisis and our virtual JA programs have been a lifeline to youth, teens and families who need connection and support. The pandemic and social distancing have made this all the more challenging for underserved and vulnerable communities who rely on the Arthritis Foundation resources and support. Your ongoing commitment to the California Coast Classic plays a critical role in allowing the organization to continue this much needed work.

Should I still fundraise? How do I answer my donors when they ask if the event is still happening?
The answer is Yes! We are the Champion of Yes for our community as the leading fundraising event in the nation for the Arthritis Foundation. Despite the new Remote Ride format for 2020 CCC, we are dedicated to continuing our commitment to fundraising as well as delivering an experience that challenges, inspires and brings our community together. While our event will be like no other in 2020, we will ride for a cure! Now more than ever, with the challenges COVID-19 poses, we must continue to deliver critical funds for research, advocacy, and support of arthritis patients and their families. In our experience, donors give because they support your efforts to make a difference for people living with the pain of arthritis.

Should I still train?
We want you to keep training and ride 525 or any miles you choose for the RR X CCC from October 3-November 1, 2020. Your physical and mental health are more important now than ever and we believe that continuing to stay active will help with both. If you are unable to be part of the RR X CCC for 2020, we encourage you to continue riding, as your local guidelines and your safety allows, or even ride indoors. Staying connected to other riders will also help you as we will be sharing inspiration and resources to keep you pedaling and also help to keep you connected to your CCC Family.

How can I help?
The best way to support the Arthritis Foundation is to continue to raise funds. The CCC provides a significant and vital funding source for the Foundation. We also work with corporate partners and foundations. The Arthritis Foundation is powered by volunteers and welcomes your help. We would love to talk about how you can give your time, open a door to individuals or organizations who can make a difference or are able to make a major gift.

How can I help to ensure that the critical programs and services continue? I’ve heard about RR X CCC, what is it?
Due to overwhelming support for CCC 20 amidst challenging circumstances, we have seized an opportunity to create the Remote Ride Challenge to be known as RR X CCC Challenge presented by Amgen. The Remote Rider option enables us to extend the CCC experience to anyone who cannot join the CCC Tour in person. For 2020 it will be the only option available, but it was created to be offered every year going forward. The RR X CCC offers a way to stay involved with your CCC Family on your terms by riding your favorite local roads or even your trainer.

What happens to my fundraising for 2020?
We are incredibly grateful to you for your continued fundraising and ongoing support. Your fundraising dollars are put to work immediately and enable the Arthritis Foundation to continue critical programs and services. We understand that cancelling 2020 is more than just missing a bike ride; for many of us it is the highlight of our year and a cherished time to connect with our CCC Family. If you choose not to convert to RR X CCC for 2020, the CCC is offering an optional 30% credit of funds raised in 2020 in the form of a reduction on CCC 2021 fundraising minimum, up to $1000 maximum. More details about how to “opt in” were shared in the communications sent out with 2020 in-person ride cancellation notices.

What events will take place the month of October for the Remote Ride?
The CCC Leadership Committee is busy developing a training challenge for the lead up to the RR X CCC from October 3 to November 1, 2020. An app will be made available to track your progress, take on challenges and see the progress of other riders. The RR X CCC will include opportunities to connect with friends and teammates and honor the traditions of the CCC while staying safe and healthy.

How much have we raised and what is the plan for the rest of 2020?
Before the cancellation of the in-person Tour and conversion to RR X CCC our CCC Family had done an amazing job of raising over $550,000 and were on track to achieve total fundraising in excess of all previous years. Communications were sent to registered 2020 riders and will be sent to others to help explain why you are continuing to fundraise even though you won’t be traveling down the California Coast this October.

I’m not registered, can I still register for 2020?
Absolutely! We would love for you to join us on this year’s adventure! Registration for RR X 2020 is free and open to those 18+. In fact we are hoping this provides an opportunity for us all to reach out to those that may not have been able to share in the California Coast in-Person event and be part of the larger remote event.

When is the 2021 ride and when can I register?
CCC 2021 will be September 18-25, 2021. RR X CCC for 2021 will run concurrently. Riders registered before July 28 will receive free 2021 priority registration by checking the appropriate box when responding to the 2020 ride conversion request. By selecting Option A and converting to RR X 2020 or selecting Option B to register for 2021 you will get free priority registration and an optional credit for 2021 in the form of a discount on the fundraising minimum for 2021 CCC.

Can I still earn incentives?
We are excited to add cool new fundraising incentives for the RR X CCC.

$100 - Receive your Official RR x CCC Patch + Decal
$525 - earn your RR X CCC Box (CCC 20 socks, VRG, training supplies and cool swag)
$1000 - earn your CCC 20 T-Shirt
$3300 - earn your CCC 20 Jersey and Medal
$4000 - earn your CCC 20 Wind Jacket
$4500 - earn your CCC Champions Club swag package includes Champions Club pin (& bandana for first time club members)
$5000 to $50,000 - earn your recognition gifts
$7500 earn your iconic orange CCC 20 Top Fundraiser Jersey

Will we celebrate Top Fundraisers in 2020?
Our top fundraisers go above and beyond in the fight to conquer arthritis. We are so grateful for their relentless work and leadership. As in previous years, we will celebrate Top Fundraisers during the scheduled week of the ride and the iconic orange 2020 Top Fundraisers jerseys will be sent to our 2020 Top Fundraisers Club members. 2020 presents a unique opportunity for participants who have never been a Top Fundraiser. This could be your opportunity to join this dedicated group of supporters!

How can I stay involved with my CCC Community?
The CCC Leadership Committee will be sending out training challenges and giving you information how to track your progress and stay involved. There will be virtual CCCBYOB events, prize drawings, leaderboards and other opportunities to connect.

Share your RR X CCC miles and success online to keep each other motivated and see what friends are up to. We can’t wait to see where and how you ride! Let’s share videos and pics of how we are making a difference.

I want to volunteer to help the event organizers. Are there any opportunities for me?
YES! Volunteers are essential to the AF and CCC success. We’ll have opportunities for helping in person (as California orders allow) and things you can do from home. Call or send a note to Shannon Marang Cox 213.634.3772 to see what might be a good fit for you.

What about in-person events?
We will not be scheduling any in-person events until the current social distancing measures have ended. We are looking at a variety of options to gather once it is safe to do so. Training rides may still continue but we encourage all cyclists to follow the recommendations of their local public health agencies and practice social distancing when deciding whether to train in a group.

What about my friends, family and co-workers who supported me?
Will my donors be contacted by Arthritis Foundation/CCC? An updated message is being added to the DonorDrive fundraising platform to help communicate the conversion to the RR X CCC Challenge to your donors and explain why their continued support is so critical at this time. AF/CCC will not directly contact your donors about the conversion to a remote event.

Will my donors have their donations refunded?
Donations are immediately put to work by the Arthritis Foundation providing critical services to the communities served. Due to this, donations are non-refundable; and this year they are needed now more than ever with the increased demand for services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do I need to cancel my hotel reservations?
Yes. We are working to notify our host hotels to release the reserved blocks of rooms. It is important you call yourself to ensure your reservations are cancelled. The AF/CCC will not be responsible for any hotel charges you might incur. We encourage you to contact your hotels directly as soon as possible.

I still have questions! Call Shannon at 213-634-3772 to chat.

For help or more information about the California Coast Classic, please contact Shannon Marang Cox at [email protected] or 213-634-3772.