The Badass Lady Gang (BALG) is a fitness movement created to connect, support, and help women get active in ways that empower them.

Never run a day in your life? COME RUN WITH US. 

Hate the gym? COME RUN WITH US.

Have a fear of being dropped because of your pace? COME RUN WITH US.

Need an escape from the stresses of everyday life? COME RUN WITH US.

Struggling to find friends and meaningful relationships? COME RUN WITH US. 

Do you hate running? COME RUN WITH US.

Doctor-diagnosed arthritis is more common in women (26 percent) than in men (18 percent). In some types, such as rheumatoid arthritis, women far outnumber men. The Badass Lady Gang wants to support and uplift those who have been diagnosed and those who have loved ones who have been diagnosed, and we encourage you join one of our Jingle Bell Run teams to support these women while creating an environment of community. 

To join a BALG team, select one of the events near you. Then, when you register, select 5K under participant type and the “Join a Team” option under your role. Search "Badass Lady Gang", and select the team in your area.

To learn more about BALG, visit us on our website: