Meet YOUR 2019 Columbus Jingle Bell Run Committee!

These folks are the ones behind the scenes making sure you have a great time raising awareness and funds to fight arthritis all while having a great race, jingling all the way to the finish line with a slice of Papa John’s Pizza in your hand!

Name:  Ed Oberle, MD

Day Job: Pediatric Rheumatologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University

What I do on the JBR committee: Committee Chair

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: This is fourth year as a chair, eight years participating in JBR (Milwaukee and Columbus)

About me: I love to read fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery/detective novels), play the steel drum, run, and spend time with my daughters (age 5 and 8). 

Why I jingle: This gives me an opportunity to support all my patients outside of the office, getting to be with them in a social, fun atmosphere.  I am always amazing at the huge turn out and all the people there to raise awareness for the Arthritis Foundation and its mission. 

Why you should join this race:  To cheer for all the kids who run/walk the Snowflake Dash before the big event!

Name: Carrie Beach

Day job: I am a registered nurse at the Columbus Arthritis Center. I have been a rheumatology nurse for over 15 years and absolutely love what I do!

What I do on the JBR committee: I help develop JBR into the most festive event in Columbus each December!

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: A while! The very first year that I started at CAC, my fellow nurses had all encouraged me to join them at the Jingle Bell Run. I had never heard of JBR, but I did love running 5Ks, so decided to join the team. I have to say, I fell in love with the event then and have looked forward to it each year.

About me: I am a busy wife and mom to 2 very active little girls. When not shuttling them back and forth to sporting and school events, my husband and I enjoy travelling and being outdoors. We have participated in the JBR as a family many times, and my kids have always loved the Snowflake Run!

Why I jingle: I participate for my patients, many of them cannot even fathom walking a 5K, so I walk in their honor.

Why you should join this race: Everyone knows at least one person affected by arthritis, so I hope that you will all join me at this year’s JBR and help support those struggling with this debilitating disease!

Name: Joanna Helon

Day Job: Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations

What I do on the JBR committee: Assist with team recruitment

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: My first JBR was in 1995! This will be my 24th race.

About me: I love to spend time with my husband and two kids. We love being outside and any opportunity to travel.  

Why I jingle: I have had arthritis for over 35 years and fundraising for the Arthritis Foundation is a way I can give back to an organization that has helped me throughout my life. It is also a way to feel hopeful about the future -- through research, better treatments and even a cure are possible.

Why you should join this race: It is fun and a short commitment to make a difference - just the first Saturday morning in December. Once you attend the race, you will keep coming back!

Name: Katy Oberle

Day Job: I am a marriage and family therapist at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

What I do on the JBR Committee: Mission Engagement (I make sure everyone with arthritis at the race has a special experience, if they choose to)

About me: Ed and I are the proud parents of two amazing girls, Vera (5) and Audrey (8). I enjoy music and theater, spending time with friends, and running.

Why I jingle: I became involved in the mission of the Arthritis Foundation and the Jingle Bell Run because my husband Ed is a pediatric rheumatologist at Nationwide and does so much to help kids and teens affected by arthritis

Why you should join this race: Speaking of running, have you registered for the Jingle Bell Run yet?! See you there!

Name:  Nikki McDonald

Day Job: Gatehouse Live/ Sponsorship Sales

What I do on the JBR committee: Snowflake Dash and Mascots

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: 4 years?? Maybe 5?

About me: My "babies" are 18 and 23. I love to read, workout, and do anything I can outside!

Why I jingle?: Every female in my family has arthritis in some capacity. I have watched it cripple my grandmother and continue to debilitate my mother.

Why you should join this race: Its a fun way to raise money and support a wonderful cause!!

Name: Mary Riedel

Day Job: Electrical Engineer – Principal, Business Development with MartinCSI

What I do on the JBR committee: Just joined this year and am looking forward to contributing to the event. I have run the race and volunteered last 2 years

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: 3 years

About me: Husband’s name is John, my sons are Nicholas 16, Jacob 13. We have an 8-month-old puppy named Stitch. Things I like to do in my free time: run, attend my 2 boys sporting events, read

Why I jingle: I was diagnosed with RA in 2015.  This disease affects so many people of all ages, yet it is rarely talked about.  I feel that I can use my voice and talents to bring awareness to this disease and hopefully make a difference in someone else’s life.

Why you should join this race: To bring awareness to the disease and how it affects so many people’s daily lives.  Help us raise money to find a cure.

Name: Tessa Nethers

Day Job: Rural King associate

How long I’ve been doing the JBR: This is my first year!

About me: I go to school part time, work part time, and study!

Why you should join this race?: Everyone should join! It is going to be so much fun and has so many benefits! This race creates awareness that kids in fact do get arthritis too! Come have fun?!

Name: Dennis Boyd

Day job: I work at Honda in Marysville, OH for 24 years in the area of Supply Chain Management

What I do on the JBR committee: I am a jack of all trades and help where is needed!

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: I’ve been on the committee for about three years. Prior to joining the committee, I volunteered at the event for about 3 years

About me: Family: Wife Shelly (married 24 years), daughter Leah (20) and son Evan (16)
Hobbies: My newest hobby consist of managing the operations of an on-line fashion footwear business for women my wife and I started over a year in a half (….my night job

Why I jingle: For me it’s personal, because I have rheumatoid arthritis

Why you should join this race: Normally, everyone knows at least one person affected by arthritis.  This event allows a person to participate and have fun in a cause that benefits many individuals.

Name: Holly Fasone

Day Job: Giving Back!

What I do on the JBR committee: A multitude of things including constructing race day packets, team fundraising, and the Snow Flake run for the children in attendance at the race. 

How long I’ve been doing the Jingle Bell Run: I’m starting her third year with the Jingle Bell Run committee!

About me: I have a B.S. in Elementary Education from The Ohio State University.  I am originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, but was fortunate enough to reside in a suburb outside Nashville, TN for five years.  I currently reside in the Westerville area with my husband of 20 years, their two children Giana and Dominic, a miniature dachshund Bolt and yellow bellied turtle named Seacrest (our son convinced and pleaded with us to bring back from vacation). I love volunteering my time for charitable causes. 

Why I jingle: My daughter was diagnosed at age eight with Systemic Onset of Idiopathic Juvenile Arthritis (SOIJA).  I decided then, that in order to find a cure for my daughter and over 300,000 children suffering with Juvenile Arthritis, it was time to get involved, educate, and advocate!

Why you should join this race: Say “YES” to a cure, join me and so many others at the Jingle Bell Run this year!

Name: Ali Smith       

Day Job: Software Sales

What I do on the JBR committee: Sponsorship and Partnerships

How long I’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: This is my 2nd year

About me: I love watching sports with my husband, especially the Columbus Blue Jackets, cooking for my family, traveling, and playing with my 2 Frenchies, Rosie and Vinny

Why I jingle: I was inspired to join when I heard Dr. Ed describe a 6 month old that was so debilitated by JA that she couldn’t crawl.  I myself was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my knees due to sports injuries, previous surgeries, and almost 2 decades on my feet serving table.

Why you should join this race: You should participate in the Jingle Bell Run because it is a fun event for a good cause that will get you in the Christmas spirit!  Plus, there is Papa John’s and Jim Beam at the finish line 😊

Name: Christopher Haverlock

Day Job: Community Engagement Director, Arthritis Foundation

What I do on the JBR committee: I bring the mission to fruition!

How long you’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: This will be JBR number two.

About me: I’m engaged to Christina Patel. She’s quite lovely. We share a dog. Her name is Veda. I have two awesome kids. They are Iliana (16) and Roman (11). Both are smarter than me. I’m a drummer in the most amazing band you’ve never heard or seen.

Why I jingle: I “jingle” because I have the ability and desire to advocate for those less fortunate then myself. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy being outside, in the weather, in Columbus, during December?

Why you should join this race: Because Santa and his elves are watching… and because when you support the Arthritis Foundation, you're helping to create a better future for those who live with arthritis.

Name: Liz Martin

Day Job: Development Director, Arthritis Foundation and Jingle Bell Run event Director Columbus & Toledo

What I do on the JBR committee: I work with my awesome volunteer committee to bring you a Jingle Bell Run to remember with a focus on mission and fundraising!

How long you’ve be doing the Jingle Bell Run: This will be my 3rd Columbus Jingle Bell Run (my 4th in Toledo)

About me: I volunteer a ton outside of my day-job, especially in the arts and community. I love helping people live to their fullest. I am in a cookbook club. I love to travel. I love going to charity events. I have a sweet pitbull named Cali who is 8 and have an incredible boyfriend, Chris. My dad is my biggest fan.

Why I jingle: To raise awareness of this pretty much silent and invisible disease that affects so many!

Why you should join this race: It’s the most fun holiday race in the city and it helps people locally and nationally who suffer from arthritis!