2019 Jingle Bell Run Honorees


Kelsey Mitchell PA-C
Medical Honoree

Kelsey is originally from Wilber, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Sciences. She then went on to attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center and graduated in 2010 with her Master of Physicians Assistant Studies. Kelsey recently joined OrthoNebraska with several years of internal medicine and rheumatology practice under her belt. Kelsey specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other rheumatic conditions.

As a graduate of UNL, Kelsey is an avid Husker fan who grew up cheering on all Nebraska sports, so Go Big Red! She loves to travel and experience new cultures. Also, she enjoys various outdoor activities such as hiking, running, boating and fishing. Kelsey is very honored to be the Medical Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run 2019.

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Lola White
Juvenile Arthritis
Youth Honoree  

Lola was diagnosed at the age of 2 with juvenile arthritis. After trying many different medications, Embrel is what has worked best. She has also been given steroids for her knees and ankles. She experiences pain with walking, and physical activity can be hard. She suffers a great deal of pain in her hands when it is cold.

But through the pain, she feels the greatest triumph is taking her weekly shots and blood draws, and with no tears. Lola is a champ!

In Lola’s free time, she enjoys dance, tumbling, pageants, crafts, volunteering and playing with neighborhood friends. In May of 2018, however, she had to have steroid injections before a dance recital because of pain in her ankles. Lola has a brother, Calvin and a dog, Gidget.

Lola’s hopes for the future is to be a doctor and treat other kids with Juvenile Arthritis.

She enjoys the friendships, support and group activities with the Arthritis Foundation, and hopes she can continue to raise awareness and money for Arthritis and finding a cure.

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Tiffany Shellenberger
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Honoree  

Tiffany is a mother of two boys and works full time at Genesis Health Clubs in Omaha as well as working part-time as a security officer. She was diagnosed 6 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis. “They told me there was nothing wrong with me until I finally lost a lot of functions. I could not write, get myself dressed, needed help getting out of bed and much more. I was diagnosed with RA and I chose to fight. It took several months to find the right medications. I could barely lift 5 lbs., but I fought it by going to the gym and hiring personal trainers to get my mobility back. It took me several months to get to where I am now, but I am feeling stronger and not just for me but for my family. I was in a completely different line of work until 5 months ago I decided to work at the gym so I can help others that face the same challenges. My favorite things to do at the gym are Yoga and Water Exercise classes. Please join me to raise funds to help the Arthritis Foundation search for a cure, while providing vital information and support to people with arthritis.

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