Amy Holt DeNome
Adult Honoree

At the age of 6, Amy was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It wasn’t a quick diagnosis until she landed at Texas Children’s. After countless visits to orthopedics for knee drains and pediatricians she walked in to the office of Dr Brewer and he immediately knew she had it. She immediately started the study for ibuprofen and it instantly worked. Since then she’s used several biologics and combinations of other treatments.

Weekly visits for lab draws and nightly range of motion exercises as a child led Amy to a manageable disease. Her parents stressed the importance of movement and normal activities and she carries this today as a mom of 3, wife and medical professional.

Some mornings you’ll catch Amy baking in the kitchen just to get her fingers moving. Other days are spent in the pool relaxing. “Life is about balance. Working through tough days allows you to enjoy the easy ones. You have to keep moving!”

Amy completed the first ever Spin to Stop Arthritis event last year and is honored to be the Honoree for the second annual event! “Running is tough for me and usually ends up in a flare. Spin is great exercise and easy on the knees! This I can do!”

Join Amy and support her efforts. 

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