Frequently Asked Questions

Join others to support the Arthritis Foundation and the more that 50 million Americans who are living with arthritis by making a commitment to raise funds while having fun and wearing green. In South Dakota – that means 158,000 adults with doctor diagnosed arthritis – your family members, your friends and your co-workers. Green is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature color and represents the Champions of Yes, including all people who are living with arthritis. Wear green attire and accessories, ask family and friends to support you by donating to the Arthritis Foundation, and join others in your community to support this campaign.

We will celebrate you, our Champions of Yes on World Arthritis Day October 12. Win prizes along the way as well as cool green swag! The top Champion in each market will also receive a trophy and bragging rights as the top Champion of Yes, aka Greenie!

  1. How does the Give Green Campaign work? The Give Green Campaign is a new event for South Dakota and our goal is to raise $10,000 by Thursday, October 11 in celebration of World Arthritis Day on Friday, October 12. Committed “Greenies” will be asked to reach out to family, friends and co-workers – in person or via email through a campaign event page that will be created through the event website.
  2. How do I register? Once committed, the first step is to register as a “Greenies” at the event website – Give Green / Get Green – South Dakota by clicking on “Create Page”. and complete the on-line form. Campaign title – this is your specific “team” name, ie. Growing Green for South Dakota. The page link will be automatically generated using the team name. Next set a fundraising goal – suggested goal would be $500.00 Then answer the remaining questions.
  3. Then click continue. “Your Story” will automatically populate – but the option to edit is also available - sharing information on why the arthritis foundation is important to you is always helpful. Make it as personal as possible. But keep it brief.
  4. Once registered – what do I do next? The next step will be to determine who you would like to invite to support you in your efforts to reach your goal and to join you in the fun. Take some fun pictures of yourself wearing green – include a fun selfie with your webpage. Then send an email request or better yet, reach out personally with a phone call or invite to join you for a cup of coffee and share your personal story on why you choose to support the Arthritis Foundation. Do you know someone who has been impacted, do you yourself struggle with arthritis? What resources available through the Arthritis Foundation have you found to be helpful? Check out the website – Try some of the FREE resources ie. Your Exercise Solution, or the Resource Finder, the Living with Arthritis Blog.
  5. Then monitor your results – and please be certain to send a “thank you” to your supporters acknowledging and appreciating their support. Let your supporters know about your success and plan to join in the Wrap-up and Awards Celebration on Thursday, October 11, 2018.


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