2018 Jingle Bell Run Honorees

Ihssane Mounir
The Boeing Company
Corporate Chair

Ihssane Mounir is senior vice president of commercial sales & marketing for The Boeing Company, the world’s largest aerospace company and the leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes. Appointed to this position in 2016, Mounir is responsible for the sales and marketing of commercial airplanes and related services to airlines and leasing customers around the world.

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Laura Matsen Ko, MD
Medical Honoree

Dr. Laura Matsen Ko has a special concern for the pain and disability that can be caused by hip and knee arthritis. She strives to give each of her patients highly personalized evaluation and treatment, just as she would want for members of her own family. She has two years of advanced training in the rehabilitative and surgical management of arthritis. She has special expertise in minimally invasive anterior total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and in the revision of failed joint replacements. She is dedicated to getting her patients safely back to the activities they enjoy.

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Laura Genoves
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Honoree

“I am a sister, a mother, an aunt, a volunteer, a neighbor, a partner and I am one of the one in four Americans living with arthritis”. Laura Genoves fulfills many roles, including long term volunteer with the Arthritis Foundation. “I volunteer when I am able because I believe that any contribution, no matter how small, may have an impact on others living with chronic illness.” She has helped in many capacities over the years such as assisting with Bone Bash, helping with patient education events, serving on the Leadership Board, achieving platinum ambassador status and most recently been a member of the Patient Leadership Council.

After months of pain and fatigue, Laura was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) at age 27 and had lived with the chronic auto-immune disease for over 20 years. She knows firsthand that research makes a difference in treatment, since she was one of the first groups of patients to benefit from biologic drugs. One of the most difficult aspects of living with RA is the unpredictability. Auto-immune diseases have their periods of flares and remissions and that is what makes it even more challenging for patients like Laura. Most recently Laura has undergone five joint related surgeries in the last 2 years.

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Thomas Wilson
Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Thomas, age 11, first had symptoms of arthritis when he was 6. He stopped wanting to play outside, complained that his feet hurt when he walked home from school, and that it was becoming harder and harder to do P.E. It took two years and many doctor visits before a rheumatologist determined he had juvenile psoriatic arthritis.

Meeting other kids that also have arthritis through the Arthritis Foundation helped him feel less alone, less scared of having to take injections, and more empowered. Thomas has made presentations to his class to help other children learn what arthritis is and teach them that kids get arthritis too.

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