2018 Jingle Bell Run Honorees

Dr. Kelly A. Rouster-Stevens, MD
Medical Honoree

Dr. Kelly A Rouster-Stevens, MD specializes in Pediatric Rheumatology, Rheumatology and Pediatrics. She has 19 years of experience and works primarily in Atlanta, GA. We are excited to have her join this event as our Medical Honoree.

David Craft
Adult Honoree

My name is David Craft, and I was officially diagnosed with arthritis when I was 23 years old. I use the word “officially” because I had been dealing with several of the key symptoms for a couple of years before receiving treatment. Some time around 9th or 10th grade I was diagnosed with plague psoriasis and had been treating it with topical medications. As I entered college, my skin rashes began to show improvement, but my joints (specifically in my hands and fingers) began to ache and throb in pain. Some days it would take hours to get my fingers to full usage. I was very active and attributed it to the pains that come with being an athlete for most of my life. Little did I know that my body was attacking itself. When I realized that I had arthritis and the clock had started to get it under control, I was scared. Given that nobody in my family had ever reported having arthritis and I had never really researched it, I was “flying blind” on what was in front of me. Along with my fear of what others might think, I was truly scared. Thanks to this foundation’s website, I was able to research the road ahead and put together a plan with my doctor to start fighting back. Supporting the Arthritis Foundation is important to me, because I have a group of people and a community that truly understands. The Arthritis Foundation provides hope through research, community, education, and hopefully one day a cure. You should say YES, too. Go to arthritis.org and sign up today.

Elle Detlefs
Youth Honoree

My name is Elle Detlefs, and I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 2 years old. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t walk without pain and couldn’t stop limping. When I realized I had arthritis, I felt confused and scared. Having arthritis means I have say no to fun activities sometimes, because I am in pain. I think it’s important for people to understand that arthritis means I hurt inside, and it is not my fault. Supporting the Arthritis Foundation is important to me because they make kids like me feel special by having us come to camp every year so we can be with friends we can talk to. I said Yes to being an Honoree for this event because I want to share my story. You should say Yes, too, because you can help find a cure for kids like me. Go to arthritis.org and sign up today.

To support Elle or join her team visit her team page, "Elves for Elle".


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