2018 Jingle Bell Run Honorees

Jasmine Lee
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Champion

Jasmine Lee is a Baltimore entrepreneur, she has her own local television show and YouTube series, and she’s an on-air personality. Jasmine also has rheumatoid arthritis. Facing difficulties starting in high school, Jasmine is no stranger to having to fight for herself. As she grew up, Jasmine was focused on becoming a Federal Officer; and after taking the physical tests and passing the exams, she reached her goal: Officer Jasmine Lee. It was a dream come true; unfortunately, the arthritis would not cooperate for long.

There were days, sometimes weeks, when flares would control her body, even when her mind said it should keep going. Soon, Jasmine was running out of allocated days off, and HR couldn’t understand that her arthritis wouldn’t just “go away”. Jasmine had to make a choice, she knew she wanted to live a life that allowed her the necessary time to recuperate, without having to wade through the scrutiny of people who didn’t understand, so she left corporate America and made her own way. 

“Building a business gave me the opportunity to live with RA and still love my life.” Jasmine Lee

Looking back, Jasmine had always been an entrepreneur. Growing up in Buffalo, New York, she was 14 years old, painting sneakers that were picked up in several retail stores. Since her first experience in entrepreneurship, Jasmine has successfully launched a local television show called The Tea Baltimore, a YouTube series Afterhourz the Series, and built an entertainment brand called Afterhourz the Brand. On top of all of these successes, Jasmine knew she wanted to user her platform to talk about RA. Jasmine is now a proud advocate for the Arthritis Foundation as we continue to search for better diagnosis and treatments. She hopes to continue to inspire others through her story, and help as many young entrepreneurs as possible build the businesses of their dreams, no matter what adversity they might face.

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