Cheryl Crow
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Medical Honoree

Cheryl Crow is a pediatric occupational therapist who has lived, laughed, and loved with rheumatoid arthritis for fifteen years. She is passionate about helping children and adults with arthritis live their lives to the fullest despite their conditions. She has volunteered on the organizational team for the local KAT-FISH family camp for kids with arthritis for many years and has spoken at the event on topics such as “life hacks” for arthritis. She has also volunteered and spoken at the national Juvenile Arthritis Conference. 

Additionally, Cheryl has conducted and presented research on the role of disease-specific social media groups for persons living with rheumatoid arthritis at the world OT conference, national and state OT conferences, and the national American College of Rheumatology Conference. Cheryl blogs about her patient and provider experiences at Creaky Joints as well as her personal blog The Enthusiastic LifeShe has recently focused on providing strategies for new parents to perform essential life tasks despite their arthritis, as well as basic self-care strategies. Additionally, Cheryl enjoys participating in local and national advocacy efforts as an Arthritis Ambassador. 

She currently works part time for Lake Washington School District, serving children with physical and developmental disabilities. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Cheryl is honored to be this year’s medical honoree!

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Angelica Thrasher
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Adult Honoree

Angelica Thrasher was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis around the age of three. Growing up, not many people understood rheumatoid arthritis; especially that kids get arthritis too! Angelica found herself hiding the disease from the lack of understanding.

Fast forward twenty two years later, she is proud to share her story and spread arthritis awareness! Angelica is grateful to be part of a community that is fighting to find a cure!

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Bailey Gallagher
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Youth Honoree

Bailey has struggled with arthritis from a young age. When she was just two and a half years old she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). It all started in her left ankle and right knee and has progressed to every joint in her body. At age five she was diagnosed with uveitis along with glaucoma, cataracts, experiences extreme high and low pressure in her right eye. A stint was surgically placed in her eye and then eventually removed. Bailey has had countless surgeries on her eye. Had her pediatrician been better trained on the effects of JRA and the correlation with uveitis perhaps her eyesight could have been spared, however at age eight Bailey lost all eyesight in her right eye. She has had joint injections in her knees, ankles, elbows and fingers. The JRA is in her jaw has well. Looking at Bailey you would have no idea she has anything wrong with her. When you get close enough to her eyes you will notice that her right eye is a cloudy milky color. 

Somedays are better than others, since eighth grade Bailey has been forced to do Home Hospital for her schooling. Things we take for granted from simply getting out of bed in the morning or bending down to get into your locker becomes a major task. Change in weather effects how her body reacts, because of the cold her knee sometimes can swell to the size of a cantaloupe.  Through her illness Bailey has always persevered to be as normal as possible.Despite her blindness in one eye, Bailey was able to obtain a driver’s license. Currently Bailey is on a regiment of monthly infusion treatments.  It is our hope that in the near future a cure is found for this debilitating disease.    

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